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2014-12-22 20:00:00
Premier League 2014/2015
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Fantasy Manager
Classic Fantasy manager where one real player can belong to many virtual teams.
  • Challenges
  • Battles
  • Private and public leagues
  • Tournaments
Fantasy League
Fantasy leagues where one real player can belong to one virtual team in one league.
  • Automatic and manual drafts
  • Players exchange
  • Blind trades
  • Flexible configuration options
Wager is a prediction game with betting elements and flexible scoring system, so it is never too late to enter.
  • Challenges
  • Multiple sports
  • Private leagues
Arranger game for racing sports. For each race you have to guess final line up and gather points accordingly.
  • Private leagues
  • Challenges
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2014-12-08 11:54

F1 Fantasy manager for 2014 season at TheSportCity.Net have ended. Below is a summary of winners.


First place went to

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2014-09-23 11:44

TheSportCity.Net has launched its fifth season of Euroleague Fantasy manager.

Market is already open, first game will start on 15th of October, season will end in May. There are going to be 27 tours. Squads are ready, market is open

As usual, winners will be awarded with TheSportCity.Net credits .

You can create your team here.
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FIFA World Cup manager 2014
Conclusion of FIBA World Cup Fantasy manager (0)
2014-09-22 12:04

Congratulation to USA, which has the strongest team playing the most boring basketball ever. Of course, the main event during this world was hosts failure to achieve anything. France also proved wrong every rational person sceptic out there.

In this competition final first three places to qualify for prizes were following

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