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Clan rules

Clans in TheSportCity.Net serve to extend gaming experience by providing facility for users to participate in team events of Fantasy managers and other games.

Clan management

To start a clan user must go Clan management page and follow instructions there. One user can belong only to one clan, therefore only user without a clan can start it.  As running a clan is a serious commitment, there is a 50 credits charge for creating it.

Clan leader is responsible for:

  • inviting and accepting new members,
  • creating and running teams
  • updating clan rules and description.

Clan fund

Clan is funded from member donations and winnings. Credits from clan fund can be used to get merchandise from TheSportCity.Net shop, update teams and manage clan members.


The main point of clans is to participate in team events of Fantasy manager and other games. Only clan leader can register and manage teams. To create a team for a certain season user must go to Teams tab at Clan management page. Team size is 5 players. One clan can have one team per season. One clan player can belong to all the teams of the clan.

When team succeed and win credits, they are split as follows: 50% go to clan fund, 50% distributed between all team members, current clan members, proportionally to their contribution.


Create clan - 50 credits.

Join clan - 10 credits, pays user. 9 credits goes to clan fund, 1 credit goes to TSC

Leave clan - 10 credits, pays clan.

Create team for event - 50 credits, pays clan. Money goes into a Prize fund.

Modify team after first tour - 1 credit per save, pays clan.


Clans have a topic in public clans forum where non-clan members can communicate with clan members. Clans also have a private forum, which is visible only to clan members.


Amount of credits and number of teams to award depends on an amount of collected entry fees. Check the table below for more information

Collected entry fees Teams awarded Credits
<=200 1 100%
250 - 500 2 60% 40%
>500 3 50% 30% 20%