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Fantasy Manager

Formula 1 manager 2012

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TheSportCity.Net Fantasy manager rules


The objective of Fantasy manager is to assemble and manage team based on a initial budget in order to maximize  the amount of points collected by players. Every season of  Fantasy manager corresponds to a season of a certain tournament (e.g.. NBA, Premiership). In the end of a game best managers will receive prizes, about which you can find out on the Prizes page.

Team management

In order to participate in Fantasy manager it is necessary to create a team. This can be done from Team management page by assigning a name to your team. It is forbidden to assign openly offensive names.

When team has a name team manager can start assembling his team from players available on a Market. Market section can be found on a Team Management page. There it is possible to see a list of players with prices, and other useful relevant information. Trading is allowed only when market is open. Market opening/closing times can be found on a Tour scheduler page.


Every team manager in a beginning of a game has certain number of transactions. One transaction corresponds to one purchase. The number of transactions can be seen in Fantasy manager summary section on the right of the screen. When transactions are finished team manager can no longer trade players. In order to resume trading team manager has to acquire additional transactions. Transactions can be converted from credits, which are currency of TheSportCity.Net portal. Please read here about different ways credits can be earned. Initial number of transactions is calculated in a way so if used wisely they could last  whole season. It is calculated according to following formula:

transactions = 24 + tours * 6 if all teams have to play equal number of games per tour
transactions = 24 + tours * 12 if most teams have to play different number of games per tour
transactions = 22 + tours * 5 if all teams have to play equal number of games per tour
transactions = 22 + tours * 11 if most teams have to play different number of games per tour

If due some reasons it is impossible to define the final number of tours, team managers will receive additional transactions when all uncertainties are cleared out.

Maximum number of players in manager team
Basketball 12
Football 11
Tennis 9
Formula 1 6

When player is injured or disqualified he is moved to Injury list. Despite the fact that Injury list is constantly being renewed and all changes are closely followed there will be always some delay between player officially announced injured and his appearance in Injury list. Injury list can be found on a corresponding page.

Different players can have different field positions. Joker is a player of any position. Some positions may have joker allowance, which can allow to construct team with different formations.

Basketball (total jokers 0)
Position Number of players allowed in a team Jokers
Guard 5 0
Forward 5 0
Center Forward 5 0
Football (total jokers 3)
Position Number of players allowed in a team Jokers
Goalkeeper 1 0
Defender 3 2
Midfielder 3 2
Forward 1 2
Tennis (total jokers 0)
Formula 1 (total jokers 0)

Maximum number of players from the same team (including substitutes) to have is 4 if there are more than 5 teams on the market, 6 if there 4 teams on the market and 8 if there are only 2 teams left.


If substitutes are allowed, then it is possible to have one substitute player for each position. Any player from the market can be set as a substitute, however, it will be able to replace players who are more expensive than he is. For example, if there are 3 forwards in the team, who costs 3000, 2000 and 1000 respectively and 1 substitute forward costing 1500. That substitute will be activated only if any of first two forwards are not able to play.

One substitute can replace only one inactive player. If substitute replaces captain, its points are not doubled. It is allowed to have only one substitute from the same team.

Team management page will contain descriptive signs in front of each main player, who qualifies for substitution. Team management page will indicate how many main players each substitute player is covering. Also, there is a substitute quality statistics in team summary.

In case team plays more than 1 game during tour, substitute will only replace players who hasn't played any games during that tour at all.

Maximum number of substitutes from the same team to have is 1 if there are more than 5 teams on the market, 2 if there 4 teams on the market and 4 if there are only 2 teams left.

Calculations for team sports

For team sport (basketball, football) Fantasy managers team players performance depends on performance of real players. During every match players receive Performance index rating (PIR). Players price depends on PIR as well.

PIR for Fantasy manager is calculated according following formulas:


PIR = (PS+G+R+A+S+B+PPF) - (T+TO+BR+F) ,

PS: points scored,
G: field goals,
R: rebounds,
A: assists,
S: steals,
B: blocks,
PPF: provoked personal fouls,
T: throws,
TO: turnovers,
BR: blocks received,
F: fouls


PIR = 2 + Mp/30 + GPB + G_K + P_B + CSB + P_F/3 + Sv/3 + As*3 + P_11M*2 + Sv_11M*4 - GMB - G_C - 2*OG - Y - 3*R - F./3 - M_11M*4,

Mp: minutes played (played till substracted from played_from),
GPB: goals scored by team while player was on the pitch,
G_K: points for scored goals (7 for goalkeeper, 6 for defender, 5 for midfielder, 4 for forward,
P_B: 1 point for participation,
CSB: clean sheet bonus (4 for goalkeeper, 3 for defender, 2 for midfielder, 1 for forward) - must play at least 44 minutes and must not be sent off,
P_F: provoked fauls,
Sv: saves,
As: assists,
P_11M: scored penalties
Sv_11M: saved penalties,
GMB: goals conceded by team while player was on the pitch,
G_C: goals conceded (for goalkeeper only),
OG: own goals,
Y: yellow cards,
R: red cards,
F: fauls,
M_11M: missed penalties.

Formula 1

points = 26 - place_won, when pilot has finished the race

points=(26 - place_won)/2, when pilot hasn't finish the race according to oficial results (in F1 in order to be classified, a driver need not finish the race, but complete at least 90% of the winner's race distance)

points=0, when pilot didn't take part in the race

If some parameter cannot be calculated it is just ignored. For example, NBA does not calculate provoked personal fouls.

Prices are calculated according following formulas:

price change = 100 * (tour PIR - current price /1000 ) / played in tour

new price = old price + price change


Price cannot be negative, all negative prices are turned into 1. Current price cannot differ from previous price by more than 3% of initial budget to avoid big jumps in prices.

Initial players price is defined by using statistics of historical performances or some elaborate rating. If player does not have any relevant history which can be used to define initial price (e.g., rookie or new to  base tournament), then initial price is defined as price average of all players or it can be based on any other meaningful rating.

Manager team gathered points are a sum of his team players PIRs. Of course, only counted PIRs which were gathered during matches when player belonged to a team.

Calculations for individual sports

For individual sport Fantasy manager (tennis) team players price depends on annual ranking, which is updated weekly. So current price of player' is his current ranking value.


If captaincy is allowed, then one team player can be set as a captain. Player selected as a captain will receive doubled points.

Private leagues

Every team manager can have one private league. League can be created and configured on League management page. At the same page it is possible to invite new members, remove existing members and assign tags. League owner can invite and remove members according to his own preferences.

Every team manager can participate in any number of leagues. All team managers leagues can be seen in  Fantasy manager summary on the right of the screen or on My leagues page. In Fantasy manager summary on the right of the screen team manager also can see invitations which he can accept or reject.

Private leagues configuration has several settings.

  • Country - can be set to indicate that league is for citizens and expats of a particular country. Blank means that league is international
  • Type - there can be too types at present - Generic and Tournament. Into second category fall leagues with elaborate tournament-like rules.
  • Entry fee - indicates if there is a fee to join a league. Normally that means that league owner will provide some prizes by the end of the season.
  • Participants - indicates how many members league is going to have. 0 means that number is unlimited.
  • Recruitment - indicates, if league accepts new members,
  • Accept novices - indicates if league accept participants who never played Fantasy manager games befors (at least at TheSportCity.Net)
  • Real prizes - indicates that league owner promises real prizes to league winners.
  • Invite type - indicates how participants can join league. "Invite only" means that user can join only if league owner invites him directly. Invitation and code means that additionally user can join by entering league code, announced by league owner.

Challenges and battles

From second tour of every season Fantasy manager participants and clans can challenge each other and participate in battles.

There are certain conditions and rules regarding challenges.

  • You can only challenge users who have demonstrated similar results.
  • In clan challenges on clan leader can issue and accept challenges.
  • Same user or clan can be challenged only once per tour.
  • Challenge must be accepted before market is closed, otherwise invitation is lost.
  • Winner gets agreed amount of credits from loser.

All accepted challenges can be seen in Fantasy manager summary on the right of the screen or on Challenges page. In Fantasy manager summary on the right of the screen team manager also can see invitations which he can accept or reject.

To create a challenge participant must go to Challenges page, where list of available candidates is present. Then participant must specify stake amount and click Invite button. Invitation can be withdrawn any time as long as it is not accepted.

Battle is fought between two teams assembled evenly according season standings. There are certain conditions and rules regarding battles.

  • User can start only one battle per tour. To start a battle participant must go to Battles page and follow instructions. Participant must specify entry fee amount and number of participants.
  • Battles are allowed from 2nd tour.
  • Stake value can be any non-negative number.
  • Number of participants must be even. If odd number is specified, it will be rounded up to next even number.
  • If number of participants is 0, there is no limit of how many users can joined a battle. If final number of participants in such battle is even, last user is removed from the battle.
  • Winning team gets 90% of prize fund divided evenly between team members.
  • Battle with unlimited number of participants must be filled before beginning of a tour. All unfilled battles are canceled when tour starts.
  • It is allowed to join battle if user has enough credits.
  • It is allowed to retreat from a battle at any time before battle is filled. Entry fee will be refunded.
  • It is allowed to cancel battle before anybody has joined it. Entry fee will be refunded.

All active and ongoing can be seen in Fantasy manager summary on the right of the screen or on Battles page. Battles page also contains completed battles. 

Handling of statistics and complaints

Each season relies on correct publicly available statistics which can be found on certain sites. In order to be consistent, each season has only one dedicated source of information. Exception is information regarding missed penalties, as it is gathered separately. After last match of tour is loaded there is going to be a cool off period during which complaints can be accepted and reviewed. After market is open no changes to statistics will be made.

All complaints regarding incorrect points or errors in statistics will be reviewed under following conditions:

  • market has not been opened yet, i.e. complaint is related to an ongoing tour
  • complaint is not based on information received from secondary source, i.e. Youtube.

Examples of possible situations when complaints can be raised are following

  • protocol has been changed after stats have been loaded
  • wrong player has received points as a results of number change

Force major

As Fantasy manager depends heavily on actual sport events it's flow might be distracted by game cancellations. Tour is canceled if more than 50% of games are cancelled or postponed. Tours might be canceled or rescheduled for later date if certain technical problems (server fault, DDOS attack or some global network apocalyptic blackdown) heavily interfere with players capabilities to access TheSportCity.Net and manage teams.

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